I’ve had the honor of speaking on stages and teaching workshops all over the world. Many people know me for my infectious energy, creative exercises, and dynamic stage presence. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to empower companies all over the world to adopt healthier habits around the workplace. It’s also been a privilege to work with some colleges, such as University of Oregon and Palm Beach State University to share my unique approaches to mindset, productivity, and finding your purpose in life.

"My vision for 2020 is to impact 20 million lives through movement, gratitude, and joy. I am beyond excited to co-create some magic with you!"

During the Covid-19 crisis, I’ve felt called to serve at the highest level. I’ve been facilitating virtual workshops, helping teams with simple StandUp2Sitting strategies to optimize their work-at-home experience. I have been brought in by companies such as WeWork, Totto, Nuvei, and Kaiser Permanente to share my energy and expertise. In a time where many are filled with fear and anxiety, my intention is to always show up with calm, confidence, love, and gratitude.


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Jeremy Abramson