I am host to the top-rated Thrive University Podcast, where I extract knowledge and wisdom from the most respected health and wellness professionals and entrepreneurs in the world. We post 2 new episodes each week, a short solo show on Monday, and an interview every Friday.

I started this podcast in March 2019 from my closet. I quickly became addicted to the process of storytelling and sharing ideas with the community. It has been an incredible journey, and I am committed to continue bringing massive value to YOU.

If you have listened to the show and/or been impacted by any of my content, it would mean the world if you left a review and shared the show with a friend. Word of mouth is my oxygen.


Inspired Every Day

Listening to Jeremy reminds me of how much potential I have and that I am capable of whatever I commit to. He has changed my mindset into believing that anything is possible. Love you bro!

Educational and motivating

This podcast is exceptional. Lots of different topics related to human health, awesome individuals are interviewed and I get to learn a lot from their experience and perspectives on life. Jeremy is an awesome host, gotta love the transparency he had with everything. Just tells it like it is. Definitely worth the time and energy.

The best light in my life!!!!

Everyone should hear this pop cast!!! Jeremy is so positive and helps you think in a whole different level to live up to your full potential. Thanks to listening and following him on all social media platforms he has given me a whole new perspective in life. He gave me the courage to stop caring about people’s opinions of me and start loving my self. I have used this to also cleans my body and mind. I would definitely recommend it to everyone specially woman that are going through some rough times or in toxic relationships. Thanks you for being the light in my life ✌🏻❤️🤙🏻

A Must-Add!!!

Coach Jeremy’s podcast is a great mix of amazing interviews and one-on-one episodes with some quick nuggets of knowledge bombs to get you through your week and stay motivated. He exudes positivity and warmth in everything he talks about and is so open to different people, cultures, experiences, and stories with a childlike wonder!! Highly recommend 👍❤️🙌

Jeremy keeps it real with absolute truths

Coach Jeremy is the most honest, inspiring and inquisitive guides for growing both the body and mind into a more fluid, healthy and present state. I've been lucky to have worked with many amazing trainers over the years but Jeremy is literally the most enjoyable, intriguing and inspiring I've had the great luck to find and follow.

Awesomeness !

Jeremy’s podcast is an excellent source that tampers through our active minds and brings you back to what’s truly important: awareness, compassion, and gratitude. It’s refreshing to listen to such a high spirited person and guest speakers. I listen this podcast every night. This podcasts has made me look at life in unimaginable ways and I have changed for the better. Truly inspirational and I look forward to many more podcasts to come. Thank you, Jeremy, for all your great work and, most of all, for that remarkable spirit and everything you bring to us daily. I am full of gratitude and would like to thank you for all you do to make this world a better place 🙏🏻.

Be grateful

I met this awesome dude in a random way. He radiate awesome energy. This program help me to get back on track in mine personal things. Also, encourage me to be a more grateful person and appreciate our surroundings and what we have. ✊🏽🤙🏽



Jeremy Abramson