As a kid growing up, my dad always told me stories about his father and his journey as a salesman. Grandpa George spent 11 years selling vacuum cleaners door to door in rural communities in the midwest. Sounds miserable, right?

Not for Grandpa George. He genuinely believed that this vacuum was the best on the market. That it would help create clarity and organization in every house he visited. This powerful conviction and confidence really resonated with me as I got older.

Being trusted is something that I take very seriously. That is why I only align with products and people that I genuinely believe are best in class.

“The best relationships are built on respect, trust, love, and generosity. You can’t give those things to others if you don’t give them to yourself.”

I’ve personally spoken to each founder of the brands that I recommend here. It’s important for me to understand the quality of ingredients and sustainability practices of each company before deciding whether to align with them. I can confidently say that each of these products is the highest quality that I’ve found in their category.

I use them all consistently, and they’ve each impacted my health in a profound way. I am grateful to be able to offer you discounts for each of them. To be completely transparent, I do receive a small percentage of each sale using my code. However, that is not my incentive for doing this.

I simply want to share the best people and products with you so you don’t have to spend countless hours searching on the internet. There is so much information out there, and I wanted to make things more simple for you.

I appreciate your trust in me. I don’t take it lightly. It means the world.

I’ve been taking the Live Ultimate products every day for over a year now. The reason I feel so aligned with this brand is because they use the highest quality ingredients and sourcing for all of their products. Each ingredient is also 3rd party tested, which is extremely rare in the supplement and skincare industry.

I highly recommend taking the 30 Day Challenge. By doing this, you receive the Ultimate Elixir and Shrooms for the price of one. I’m proud of you for investing in your health and I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Here are all of the products that I personally use from Amazon. This list includes books, supplements, equipment, and other tools/products that are healthy and sustainable. Enjoy!

Drinking the purest, most antioxidant-rich coffee, is one of the easiest and most reliable health changes you can make. Plus it is the most enjoyable! And Purity Coffee’s founders are passionate about sharing healthy coffee–this pure pleasure–with as many people as they can. Please click the link to learn more about their process and science around coffee.


Handcrafted with minimal ingredients, Nakee Butter targets specific health functions to fuel life's daily adventures. Nakee Butter comes in an easy to carry squeeze pouch that is designed to be paired with fruit, swirled on oatmeal or squeezed straight outta the pouch and into your mouth. Nakee Butter is sure to bring consciously desired benefits to your life, with a kick-ass experience to boot when compared to that crappy protein bar.


Planet Protein is the first plant-based protein that I’ve found that actually tastes delicious too. This company also aims to reduce/eliminate waste every. single. day. Being conscious about the products you use will contribute to a greener and healthier world for everyone. Not only are these products designed to nourish and elevate you, but are 100% organic, vegan, AND packed full of ingredients that pose no threat to our beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants.


These Ultimate Night Lenses block all blue and the majority of green light frequencies, up to 550 nanometers, as these are the most energetic parts emitted from modern lighting, and have the most substantial impact on our sleep cycle, melatonin level, and sleep quality.  Ultimately, all light still has some impact on sleep, so it is optimal to avoid all artificial light after sunset. However, as this is not practical for many people today, we have found the perfect balance of blocking as much light as possible with still permitting enough light so that you can maintain near-normal vision and be able to perform normal tasks without tripping over your own feet.


Jeremy Abramson